At True Facade we will work with you for the value Engineering in each of the projects. Our design team evaluates a project from with an operational overview of all aspects including design and methodology to achieve cost efficiency and feasibility in delivering the best value product. In value Engineering, we do maximum optimisation without compromising design intent and technical specification to reduce the cost of the following major items.

1. Aluminium: Aluminium is about 40% of the system cost. So by micro structural analysis of each aluminium section, we can reduce the maximum possible consumption of Aluminium per square meter which is about 1.2% to 2% of the system cost.

2. Hardware for doors and windows: Hardware is about 10% of the system cost in residential projects. Hence by selecting appropriate hardware without compromising in a functionality of Door-Window, we can reduce the cost of hardware.

3. Structural Silicone & Double Sided Tape: Structural Silicone & Double adhesive tape is about 10-12% of the system cost. Hence by structural analysis of Silicone bite we can reduce the cost of silicone and tape.

In conclusion with the above statement, if we will be given an opportunity to work, we will not only give the design solution for submission. Production and installation, we will also help you to reduce the cost of the project which makes us different from others in the facade industry.