Drawing & Design

The basic Design and engineering that goes in the preliminary facade design is meant to take an all round view of the requirements. The schematics will consider budget allocated, the main intent behind the design, and various legal and practical constraints related to constructing a building. The first thing here is to clearly define the purpose that the facade would serve. Once that is in place, objective performance criteria with respect to the facades are set. These criteria will take into consideration the intent, allocated budgets, timelines, amount of labour required, regulatory considerations and more. The main purpose of these performance criteria is to create a roadmap which is agreed upon and signed off by both clients and architects. These can always be revisited whenever there is a question or doubt on the way forward. After this the facade scheme with drawings will be made along with basic cost, labour, material, timeline calculations.

While a schematic will give us a bare-bone structure of how the facade should be, detailed designing will include collaborating with all the agencies like architects, designers and more. Other than proper detailed drawings, the detailed design will also include all the information, costs, material, labour, etc. . Floating such detailed bid documents ensure that the vendors submit bids which are complete in all aspect, thus saving a lot of time which otherwise would get invested in scrutinizing incomplete bids.  It is for this very reason that detailed designing assumes a lot of significance.

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